Tacos at Enchiladas Y Mas

On a regular day there must be thousands of cars going up and down Anderson Lane. I am sure a vast majority of them are unaware of the gem located at 1911 W.

Enchiladas Y Mas is not flashy nor does it have a ton of sitting space. But what it does have is both the best beef hard shell taco and fajita taco I have ever eaten.

The Main Dishes

The Fajita Tacos

Fajita Taco

Combination Beef and Chicken Fajita Taco

The flavor is indescribable. I ordered the fajita taco combination which comes with both beef and chicken on the fajita. The tacos come out hot and not alone. The dish also comes complete with vegetables that look and taste like they were picked out of my nanas back yard garden and guacamole so fresh that I would guess it came straight from Mexico this morning.

The Beef Hard Shell Taco (HST)

taco image

Beef Hard Shell Taco

I have always been a huge fan of tacos. The hard shell taco at Enchiladas Y Mas is at the top of my list. Like the fajita tacos, the HST came decorated with super fresh vegetables, the meat was hot and flavorful and the cheese was soft. Not fully melted but it would not take much. Some folks might joke and say it is government cheese by its looks but I am a fan. It’s just so soft. Ok, enough about the cheese. This dish will certainly be a staple of mine for many future visits.

Other Items of Interest

Chips and salsa are the first items placed on your table when seated. While I am a chips and salsa fan, the salsa can be a little hot. I asked if there was a milder version and was provided one however I think they just added water to it. Was I being difficult?


The Parking Lot

The place can get busy in a hurry. If you come on a Friday, you better get there by 11. A line starts shortly after 11:15. Also, it doesn’t help that the parking lot is small. If parking on the east side of the building, you may need a 4×4.

The wait staff is super quick and friendly for the most part however no one seemed to be interested in having a conversation. That could be why they are so quick.


Inside Track to Restrooms

Be aware that if you come with a group, they have a rule of not splitting the check. However when Josh and I went today, and even the last time we went last month, our waiter asked if we wanted to split it.

Bottom line, this place needs to be on your list of lunch spots. If you want to impress visiting clients or family, and those partons are fans of a somewhat secret “hole in the wall” place that not too many know about but the food is outstanding, take them here. You will not be sorry.

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