Hurricane Grill and Wings

0520151128Sometimes I’m in the mood for a relaxing lunch; a lunch where I kinda feel like I’m on vacation. Hurricane Grill and Wings did the trick. Just look at the website¬†and you will feel like you’re back on your honeymoon in the Bahamas. Josh had choice of restaurant this week and I must say, he made a good decision.

Josh didn’t talk much during this lunch outing because most of the time his mouth was full of the BBQ pulled pork sliders. He was able to stop for a second to give me his opinion his order which was something like “sliders, mmm good”.

0520151147I had the cajun chicken wrap. The wrap was as good as any other wrap I have had. A few things to note. The meat to veggie ratio was perfect. Sometimes I get a wrap where they are heavy on the lettuce or even heavy on the meat which degrades overall taste and experience. Not here. The fries were cooked perfectly (not too soft or burnt). If you’re from the south, you like sweet tea. The sweet tea was pretty sweet which is the way I like it. I also like a tea with flavor. This tea had it and was not watered down.

The unique factor here was the sauces. Right when you walk in the door they have a table with about 20-30 sauce containers. You can fill up a small container for tasting or to bring back to your table for dipping your wings. I tried 4 sauces and none of them were bad. My favorite was the BBQ sauce mixed with the spicy rub.0520151136

No issues parking as we went during our usual 11 o’clock slot. Service was great. Our waiter was attentive and even offered a sweet tea to go before I could even ask. The manager gave us special attention at the sauce bar. He and the hostess seemed very excited about the sauces which made me excited. We sat outside because it was cool in Round Rock that day. Jimmy Buffet was playing through the speakers which enhanced the island feel.

The only negative thing I have to say is I wish the wings would have been a little less expensive. I really wanted to try them some of their sauces. Will I go back to Hurricane Grill and Wings? Certainly! The music, decoration, service and food was great. If you need an escape in between conference calls, I recommend Hurricane Grill and Wings.

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