Gordita at El Pollo Rico

This week me and dude 2 were interested in good food on a budget. We certainly got the budget part right with El Pollo Rico at 325 N Bell Blvd in Cedar Park. I was able to secure a nice sized piece of grilled chicken, a huge gordita and a drink for under $10.

el pollo parking log

In an effort to skip the lunch traffic, we went at our usual 11am time slot. As you can see the parking lot and the restaurant was empty. The place has a fast food feel to it. Josh believed that it was a redone Jack in the Box. Once entering the first thing I noticed was the smell of grilled food. It smelt fantastic.

The Food

el pollo food image

The staff was super friendly and the menus above the counter made ordering easy. Our food arrived in less than 5 minutes from ordering and to be honest, the food wasn’t all that bad. The gordita I had, while massive, was very greasy. However, the beef was tender and the guacamole and other veggies topping it seemed fresh. The chicken (a breast) I ordered, while a bit dry, had a good flavor.

Eating Tools

el pollo inside

The utensils provided to eat it could have been a little more sturdy and while I won’t provide a picture, the napkin stack after eating this food was overflowing almost off the table. One of my pet peeves is a good napkin and El Pollo Rico definitely fails this category as they are super cheap and small. With food this messy, a good napkin is important. At least a wet nap.

As mentioned above, the food was mediocre at best. The beef on the gordita was tender and chicken flavorful. Even though the staff was friendly and the place smelled great and with so many other options, I do not believe this is a place I will return to anytime soon. However, if you are on a budget and bring your own napkins to lunch, give El Pollo Rico a try.

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