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Street Sign

Best fajita tacos I’ve had. This place is a real find. If going for lunch,get there early as there is a wait after 11:15 or so. Not much to look at and frankly you might just pass by without noticing if it weren’t for the long line of people waiting to get in.  I continue to order fajita’s or fajita tacos from establishments all over but no one has yet to come close to these. I prefer the chicken, not spicy, but you can also get beef or a combo and if you can handle it, Serrano peppers grilled in with the meat. They are also recognized for their enchiladas but I find it hard to stray. Service is efficient and prep is fast. What the restaurant lacks in ambiance it makes up for in taste. I highly recommend this establishment. ~Josh



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  1. This place serves my favorite Beef Ranchero Enchiladas.  It s an Austin Weird casual place that you usually have to wait in line to get into.

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