Daichi Sushi

Cedar Park Roll Sweet Potato Roll New Tiger Roll

Cedar Park Roll
Sweet Potato Roll
New Tiger Roll

Close by, great food, friendly service and quick! My wife and I stop by for lunch almost weekly. This place is one of my favorites nestled on Cypress Creek between CP Middle and CP High! The staff know us and remember our order. We come in, sit down, relax and enjoy. I am not a seafood lover by nature but the¬†sushi here is impeccable. We start out with miso soup and / or a salad before our vegetable tempura is brought out. By the time the tempura is gone, the sushi arrives. The presentation always a bit different – separate, all on the same plate, sometimes in a design – but always fresh and delicious. My wife doesnt like seaweed so she gets hers made with soy paper – a little extra but necessary in this case. Feel free to sit either at the bar or at a table in the quaint dining area. Notice on the wall a hand drawn picture of Spongebob compliments of the creator who is said to live in CP. We go a little crazy there but end up spending $40-50 for the two of us, typically. Seems pretty reasonable for sushi these days. I know they have regular happy hour specials and deals throughout the week. Parking is easy and never a problem. Even if you dont like seafood or shellfish, I recommend trying the sweet potato roll and vegetable tempura. You cant go wrong and wont be sorry. I just gotta get Dustin to go with me… ~Josh


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