Buffet at Naanfull

Need more spice in your life? Don’t we all? At Naanfull on Burnet, for about 9 bucks, you can have as much spice as you want plus a soda to wash it down.

buffet food

My buffet choices plus Naan

The Food
The buffet has an abundant selection of various indian food all separated nicely with beautiful contrasting colors. They usually keep each dish stocked well. I have not experienced a trip to Naanfull where any selection was running low. However, get there early if you want your food hot. We got there later (around 1pm) and most of the food on my plate was room temperature at best. Even though the food was somewhat cold, it was still good. The dish my wife ordered (chicken Korma) came out steaming.

The naan (the bread-like tortilla-like item they serve on the side of the food) is always outstanding. It is my absolute favorite item on the menu there. It is soft where it needs to be and crispy everywhere else.

Naanfull Parking Lot

Naanfull Parking Lot

The Ambiance and Staff
The parking lost was relatively full at 1 but we had no trouble finding a spot. The restaurant is pretty small inside (I would estimate about 1k sq ft) but was well lit. There were plenty of seats available and some even in the back which is a good spot if you want some privacy. The booths were comfortable and fairly spread out. I did not feel like we were sitting on top of each other. It is new inside which is nice.

naanfull inside image

Naanfull Inside Seating

While very attentive, do not expect much conversation from the staff. The soda was good. Not watered down or flat. I mention this because I used to go to the one in Cedar Park in 1490 Ranch and the soda was always watered down. That is a huge pet peeve of mine when going to places like this.


Final Thought
Naanfull is a great place to get good food for a bargain. Get there early if you want the buffet because if you don’t, you run the risk of your food being cold. If you go and order off the menu, try the Chicken Korma. You will not be sorry.

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