2dudefood.com is a blog about the food discoveries made by both Josh and Dustin. The idea for 2dudefood was crafted over lunch one day. Like our readers, both writers enjoy good food, and in most occasions, much of it. Both writers partake in finding a good spot for lunch and trying it out at least once a week. Unless there is an exceptional dish to discuss, readers will not find reviews on national chains. Dustin and Josh will seek out the hidden treasures of of the Austin food world and report back their findings here. 2dudefood encourages its readers to comment on each post written here with either their own story, agreement or disagreement.

About the Authors

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The only thing I love more than food is Austin. The people, the fact that it is family oriented, the lakes, the newness of everything and heck even the roads and how there are little to no potholes anywhere. However I am not from here. I lived in Louisiana for 20 years which should establish some credibility.
I am an entrepreneur at heart who has started a few businesses. My day job involves sales/operations and some coding. I enjoy keeping in shape by playing basketball in my off time and keeping my mind in shape by reading science fiction novels. I love sports (playing and watching them) and action/science fiction/drama flicks.



I too am not native to Austin but these days few of us are. I have lived in north Austin for the entirety and enjoy the neighborhood, people and surroundings. I moved to Austin to be closer to family and raise our children taking advantage of the exceptional school districts and opportunities available to them. Prior, I lived in San Diego and Los Angeles areas where the good food and variety of it is abundant. I love finding those “hole in the wall” establishments that really deserve to be talked about. I love a good steak, tex-mex or pizza, though you will likely not see many seafood items. I do fancy however Chinese food and have a local favorite for sushi that I highly recommend. I am a program manager by day and also enjoy participating in sports and staying in shape. My hope is that this site be used to create awareness of local “gems” and enable folks in their quest for that out of the mainstream good food while fostering good times among like minded individuals. Cheers!